Twice Upon A Time (User Guide)

(Il était donc deux fois…)

Now that you have entered The (very) Curious World of Lily White, be ready, Ladies & Gentlemen, to drive your eyes through its many citY(ies).

(Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the bumpy ride):

  • Curiou.citY: Petit cabinet de curiosites (curiosity shop). Not For Sale, all For Love.
  • Viva.citY: Culturalshooters (petits reportages entre amis)
  • Egocentri.citY: Fashion Delicacies & other Life Delights (Gâteries de Mode)
  • Eccentri.citY: also known as “The Art Of…” and “The Story Of…”, mind-made stories/  Written by Emily Gambade/ Illustrated by Emily Gambade/ published in avant-première on this blog (billets d’humeur – dixit Calamity) and other fantasies made possible.
  • Feli.citY: PlayList/ Music music music music/ Heart Beats/ Dare to dance/ Dare to sing/ Dare to let it GO.
  • Perspica.citY: little glossary for the non French-speaking and the non English-speaking; the in-between(s), the curious ones.
  • Atro.citY: Not-So-Fairy-Tales (no comment)

And if you get lost, and if you get lonely, if you fall in love, for one of the citY, if your mind gets tired, or your heart gets bored, if you never arrive, if there is no destination, just keep walking, keep going, and no matter where you go, just enjoy the ride (and the journey).


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